How to Collaborate?
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Volunteers that can aid our inhabitants, or that helps us in the execution of the services (in most domestic services, bathings, cleaning, cooks, loundry, etc...); - Donating in the victuals, material of cleaning, medications, clothes, you move and domestic utensils in good state; - Donating us material for construction and/or embankment so that we can give pursuit the construction of Lar Menino Jesus, that had sheltered faulty boys; - Participating in our parties and bingos, among them: Party of birthday of the entity, with Nig Bingo (in March); Party and of June bingo (in June); Orionflores - Party of the Flowers, with bingo of the jewels (in September); Big Bingo of native (in December); - Contributing to the growth of the Institution donating us through meat or I debit in phone bill the value that the taxpayer to want to donate (more information phone 55 48 343-0087); - Contributions with direct deposits in one of our checking account close to the banks:
* These banks possess agencies in several countries
Bank Number 399 - *HSBC Bamerindus - Campinas: Agency 1052 - checking account 04900-77
Bank Number 027 - BESC - Campinas: Agency 051 - checking account 18867-2
Bank Number 104 - Caixa Economica Federal - Palhoca: Agency 1784 - checking account 003.00181-4
Bank Number 001 - *Banco do Brasil - Kobrasol: Agency 2638-7 - checking account 351030-1
- Acquiring moves and clothes used in our Tuesday bazaars Friday (1:00PM o'clock at 5:00PM.);
- Being a divulgador of our work in its day by day;
- Through its sentences, so that our work is developed and it swallows comfort to all the afflicted and needy hearts.