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This is an aerial view of Orionópolis.
The image to the side is a gif map, each area possesses an address.
Use the mouse to go for a walk on each image of the photo.
When the arrow changes in hand it is because it is a corresponding link the activities that are executed in that area.
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Therapeutic garden

Garden that is conserved by volunteers and inhabitants and that considers extension for all the lateral of the villa

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Center of Living Together Maria of Souza Matos

Name that will be given when of its conclusion, in gratefulness Mrs. Maria of Souza Matos (in memoriam), for the larger gesture of love to the neighbor in the donation of the land where today the entity is located and where will be made the parties of periodic church fête, as well as they will have multidisciplinar activities of:leisure activities, pedagogic and of physical education for the faulty of the institution.

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Lar São José for Faulty Girls

Home that now shelters 30 girls and adolescent carriers of deficiencies physics and mental, that live in boarding school regime due to the state of socioeconomic, family and emotional abandonment in that the same ones were found.

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House of the Religious persons and Clinical Center D. Orione

Local where reside the priests orionitas that owner the institution.

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RPA - Room of Pedagogic Activities

Room where pedagogic activities are developed, tends 3 educators' accompaniment and 7 teachers given by FCEE - Fundação Catarinense de Educação Especial, and municipal city hall of São José, through its Municipal Secretary of Education. This line promotes activities of 8:00AM o'clock at to 5:00PM , of Monday to Friday.

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House of Support

Ala onde atuam profissionais que fornecem apoio as demais alas da instituição, tais como:

clerkship of the support house;
accounting section, administration and finances;
Center of Communication Dom Orione - CCDO;
section of social service;
room of the management (priests orionitas);
pedagogy section;
maintenance section and provisioning;
shop - seam room;
shop - bazaar of used clothes;
room of support aesthetics to the interns.

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Local of Loundry and I Pre-prepare of the Victuals

Laundry: semi-industrial, where they are washed in it measured from 900 to 1.200 pieces of clothes used daily by our inhabitants, embracing bed - table - bathing;

Pré-prepare of victuals: local where fruits, vegetables and green vegetables are examined, washed, shelled, etc..., for better use of the physical space of the industrial kitchen and hygiene where the same ones are prepared.

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House Immaculate Heart of Maria

House that shelters 30 senior and adult carriers of multiple deficiencies, that live in boarding school regime now, due to the emotional unbalance that the same ones suffered with the family abandonment, before they be welcomed by ORIONÓPOLIS;

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Industrial Kitchen and Refectory

Atmospheres where are prepared and served the our inhabitants' victuals,
employees and volunteers.

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Chapel - Reception - House of Art D. Orione

Chapel: house of sentence where 3 weekly masses are accomplished, being: Tuesdays and Thursday-fair (7:30PM.), besides the dominical (9:30AM.).
Reception: local where we welcome to the visitors, condizindo-them so that they know this small-big work more closely; besides the phone attendance (that and constant).
House Art: local that assists daily in the period afternoon period to visitors, with sale of crafts and little things in general, that also aids in the maintenance of the house.

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